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Free Shipping On Orders Over $50!
Cute Halloween Crafts - Make Them With Our Products!

Cute Halloween Crafts - Make Them With Our Products!

You don't need harmful plastics or toxic paints to make cute Halloween decorations, you just need the right eco-friendly products from Eco Paper Arts!
Our  All Hallow's Eve scrapbook paper kit by Photoplay is perfect for making this fun, spooky Halloween shadowbox and these cute greeting cards. 
To make the cards, you'll need: the All Hallow's Eve scrapbook paper kit,  our  neutral cardstock, an  adhesive, and (optional)  a black ink pad. The scrapbook papers match so well, it's easy! Choose a piece of paper for your background and adhere to cardstock. Then glue an image or stickers from the kit on top. You can cut out the images of bats or ghosts from the paper, too. There are lots of possibilities -- use your imagination! Rub a black ink pad on the edges of the card to make it look aged and spooky. 
To make the Halloween shadowbox, you'll need: the All Hallow's Eve paper kit, our black, white, and orange paints, a cigar box (check your local liquor or tobacco store for these, or order one online), a twig that looks like a tree, a cotton ball, corrugated cardboard to cut into tombstone shapes, black and white markers, and a strong adhesive. 
First, paint the inside of the cigar box with black and white paints in swirling strokes. When that's dry, paint a white moon in the corner. Add some light swirls of orange paint around the moon and in the corners.
Once that's dry, cut out the haunted house on the hill image from the scrapbook paper and glue to the box. 
Cut tombstone shapes from corrugated cardboard and paint with the black and white paints. Add a little orange to one. When they're dry, write the sayings on them. Edge the stones in black to make them spookier.
Glue pieces of white cotton to make clouds in the sky. Cut little bat images from the paper and glue on to the moon. 
Glue a twig in the corner to look like a deserted tree. Glue the tombstones on the bottom. 
On the flap of the box, glue a sheet of the scrapbook paper. Cut out a saying from another sheet of paper to glue on top. Accent with stickers from the paper kit or images cut out from it.
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