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Free Shipping On Orders Over $50!
Eco Glitter!

Eco Glitter!

    Most  glitter is bad for the environment, animals, and possibly even humans. It's made of plastic. Since it's very small, scientists call it "microplastic."

   Once glitter's thrown away, it reaches our oceans where marine animals eat these microplastics that can hurt them, kill them, or end up in us after we eat the fish. 

     A lot of glitter is made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) which has chemicals that can damage ocean life or can link with other potentially dangerous particles and end up in our food. 

     But now there's eco glitter! 

     Eco Paper Arts carries WOW!, premium biodegradable glitters made in England from plant-based regenerated cellullose film. The product has received certifications or approvals for six different types of composting or biodegradation standards, which means it's safe for the earth and will decay naturally. 

     The glitter is super fine, anti-static (both the glitter and its jar have been treated to prevent static), comes in beautiful colors, and can be used in a melting pot.

     So, bling up those cards and mixed media projects and feel good about it with our gorgeous WOW! glitters!



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