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Fall clearance sale - 30% off everything! While supplies last. Discount added at checkout.
Fall clearance sale - 30% off everything! While supplies last. Discount added at checkout.
How We Choose Products at Eco Paper Arts

How We Choose Products at Eco Paper Arts

Eco Paper Arts – How We Choose Products
    When we search for products, we’re looking for supplies that: are as eco as possible while still being affordable, stand up to our tests (we try every product we sell), provide artists with quality materials, and are classic or on-trend styles.
     In other words, if we wouldn’t buy it, we won’t sell it.
     Some of our products are manufactured in environmentally-friendly plants. Some are made of recycled components. Some have recyclable components. Some are non-toxic. Some are made from sustainable materials. These are the qualities we look for. We want every product to have at least one of these qualities and preferably more.
     We are aware of the “green washing” trend, or saying your company/product is eco, when it isn’t so much. We dig deeper to find out.
     Take the great stamps, inks, and dies we offer from Hero Arts. We had a lengthy conversation with its owner and CEO, Aaron Leventhal, about the many steps the company has taken to become a Certified Green Business and how it makes it products. It has “eliminated toxins, solvents, and chemicals from its processes,” it relies on sustainable power, it has reduced its packaging and waste, and it asks suppliers to take a pledge to be green.
   Hero Art’s rubber stamps are made with rubber from sustainably managed forests. The wood blocks on its wood stamps are from Forest Stewardship Council-certified, sustainably managed forests. Its clear stamps are made of photo-polymer, a nontoxic, biodegradable byproduct from newspaper printing. (Learn more about this green company  - .)
    We searched the globe to find products.
     In France, we found some great paints made by Aladine. These dreamy paints -- their Izink Nature line -- are made of a hemp oil base, come in many beautiful colors, and are packaged in pouches so you can squeeze out just the amount you need. The pouch is recyclable, so there’s no waste.
     In Italy, we found Modascrap, which makes attractive, acid-free scrapbook paper from recycled papers. Because of this, Modascrap has received the important Forest Stewardship Council certification, too.
    To learn how each of our products is environmentally-friendly, look at the product’s page to read about it.
    We are always on the lookout for more eco-friendly products. If you know of some, tell us.
           Eco Paper Arts – helping crafters help the planet.
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