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Fall clearance sale - 30% off everything! While supplies last. Discount added at checkout.
Simple Bible Art Journaling with Stamps!

Simple Bible Art Journaling with Stamps!

Explore another way to spend time in your bible creatively with bible art journaling! There are many ways to explore art journaling in your bible, from simple to elaborate!  I'm focusing on simple ways!

To begin bible art journaling, you'll need a journaling bible that has a wide margin.  Journaling bibles can be found on Amazon, at book stores, and Christian stores.  For the techniques I'll use here, you'll also need colored pencils (I used eco paper arts recycled colored pencils), craft chalks, and a black ink pad.  I'm also using a stamp set from Hero Arts - Hot Air Blooms.

I found that this stamp set illustrates how the Lord beautifully lifts us up with Psalm 146:8 - "The Lord sets the prisoners free; the Lord opens the eyes of the blind.  The Lord lifts up those who are bowed down; the Lord loves the righteous."

To create this page I stamped the large hot air balloon image in the left margin of the page.  I don't worry much if it goes off the page or into the verse a little.  I do put a scratch paper underneath the page just to catch the ink that goes off the edge of the page and just in case the ink bleeds through.  I try to not over ink the stamp before stamping to keep it from bleeding through much.  I then use a fine black pen, such as a micron pen, to go over any lines that didn't stamp well.

Next, I colored with colored pencils.  I used the lightest pink first for the flowers, then used a little darker shade closer to the center of the flowers, then went back with the lighter pink to blend all together.  I used a yellow for the center of the flowers and a green for the leaves. The nice thing is you can color it as simply or detailed as you like! 

Finally, I used craft chalks to add a light blue around the image.  The benefit of using colored pencils and chalks is they don't bleed through the page.  And I used a colored pencil to highlight the verse pertaining to the image.

If you don't like the stamped image bleeding through the page at all, there is another option.  You can stamp the image on a blank piece of paper, and then place the paper under the page you want the image on, and trace the image using a black micron pen.  The good thing about the thinness of the bible pages is that it's easy to trace through.  

There are many ways to illustrate in your bible.  Some beautiful pages are done with paints, inks, markers, etc. but to use most of these other mediums you need to put a layer of gesso on the page first to keep the color from bleeding through.  This does cause your page to warp slightly, as does adding any medium that is liquid to the page. Which is why I normally stick to mediums that aren't liquid or bleed.  It's all an individual preference!

Happy bible art journaling!

Eco Paper Arts Supplies used in the project:

Hero Arts Hot Air Blooms -

Tombow Recycled Colored Pencils -



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