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Fall clearance sale - 30% off everything! While supplies last. Discount added at checkout.
Fall clearance sale - 30% off everything! While supplies last. Discount added at checkout.
Why Hemp?

Why Hemp?

Why Hemp?

     Along with other papers, Eco Paper Arts sells papers made with industrial hemp: sketch papers, drawing papers, watercolor papers, and folded cards and envelopes. The latter make great bases for your greeting cards.
     We get these papers from a terrific company that has taken many steps to be environmentally friendly - Greenfield Paper . Their hemp papers:

-are acid free and chlorine free
-are 25% hemp and 75% recycled papers
-are 100% sustainable, meaning they don’t harm or deplete natural resources needed   for the future
-have no chemicals or bleaches 
            -are strong and absorbent 
-work well with a variety of coloring media
-are compatible with inkjet printers

     According to the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance website, hemp’s many environmental benefits include: “ Hemp products can be recycled, reused and are 100% biodegradable. Proponents of hemp claim that it can help reduce global warming because it takes out large amounts of carbon dioxide per acre, more than most plants.” Additionally, hemp can be made into many products, can grow in a lot of different climates, and often doesn’t need pesticides (it grows so densely it naturally repels bugs). 

     Hemp got a bad name in the sixties because people associated it with marijuana. It is not marijuana. Hemp has had a long and useful history around the world. In America alone, “ hemp was used in the production of rope, grain bags, Conestoga wagon covers, and clothing,” according to Pennsylvania State University’s PennState Extension website. 

    So, check out our hemp papers for your arts and crafts -- make something beautiful and help the environment!
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