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Free Shipping On Orders Over $50!
Free Shipping On Orders Over $50!

About Us

We are Julie and Tara: mothers, friends, and crafters who are passionate about scrapbooking, paper arts, and mixed media. But we realized that our hobbies used a lot of paper and other materials that could hurt the environment. That’s the last thing we want. No problem (we thought), we’ll find eco-friendly art supplies. Easy, right?

Nope. They were hard to find and there was no single place to buy everything we needed. Plus, companies can say they’re “green,” but may not be.

We searched and researched. We talked to companies, read product specifications, and tested products in our homes.

And that’s how Eco Paper Arts was born. We want to be your one stop shop for environmentally friendly paper arts supplies.

With issues like deforestation, carbon dioxide emissions, water scarcity, and pollution, we feel it’s imperative to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible. While no products are perfect, we’ve found what we believe are the most eco friendly and cost-effective available, and we’re always looking for more.

So, go make art and feel good about it.

Eco Paper Arts -- helping crafters help the planet.

In memory of Diane McClellan for all of her participation in and support and encouragement of our creative endeavors. She would have enthusiastically been our supporter and partner in this.