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Free Shipping On Orders Over $50!
Free Shipping On Orders Over $50!

Planet Earth Mixed Media Chips - Lively Leaves


planet eARTh mixed media chips are....

Stencils, Masks and Texures made from chipboard! They are:

eARTh friendly - recyclable - sustainable - biodegradable - economical - layerable - stackable - thin - flexible - paintable - collagable - stampable - reusable and 100% usable !

Different from 'traditional' mylar/plastic stencils: 

They are not the same material as 'regular' stencils, they are chipboard and not mylar or plastic. They do not take as much water (but on the pro side there is not as much need to clean them.) They are laser cut (which means burned out) so they can be a bit sooty/dirty  when they are new. You can easily wipe them with a baby wipe and coat them with varnish or an acrylic medium to make them 'cleaner' and longer lasting.

We think there are so many advantages to our mixed media chips and hope you will love using them too! Good for your eARTh and your ART!

Our packaging is 100% eARTh friendly too!

Designed by Kae Pea

(approx. size: 4" w x 6" h) Includes *2 MMC's per pack!


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