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Free Shipping On Orders Over $50!
Free Shipping On Orders Over $50!

Steampunk Polymer Stamps Bundle!


You'll get one of the steampunk stamps free by buying the bundle!  Included in the bundle is Lucrecia the Fox, Bartholomew the Hedgehog, Phineas the Fox, Artemus the Owl, plus Clementine the Hippo!  Also included are four saying stamps - "You Say Crazy Like it's a Bad Thing", "Feeling Punky?!", "Don't Part with your Illusions" by Mark Twain, and "Sanity and Happiness are an Impossible Combination" by Mark Twain. 

99% of the unexposed resin is reclaimed, processed and reused.  The packaging is also recyclable.  The stamps are crystal clear, tear resistant, have a naturally sticky back to easily mount on a clear block, and is deeply etched. Great for steampunk art and mixed media projects!

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No more worrying about your favorite hobby's environmental impact. Our mission is simple: help crafters help the world. When you shop on Eco Paper Arts, you can rest assured that your purchase is the most eco-friendly, cost-effective addition to your project available. If you're an eco-conscious crafter, Eco Paper Arts is your one-stop-shop.